Many people would say that Punk is 35-40 years old–yet the sound is still alive, relevant and influential (as is a great deal of rock for that matter) on persons of all ages.  Yet if you went back 35-40 years before punk you are talking about big band music and crooners that are not followed by most young persons today. So we have an amazingly rich musical form where people from 12+ to 70+ can find common ground. Here you will find frank assessments of primarily today’s indie music as heard through the ears of one (and maybe more) experienced observers.  I hope you find it relevant.  -oldpunkone.

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  1. I happened upon your site while doing a domain-name search for an idea I’m working on. From one old punk to another…I really like your writing style and subjects. I’m interested in collaborating in some way – please PM me

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